Sunday, 4 February 2018


 Beyond the Aso-Ebi, nice color ambiance, beautiful decorations, music and whatever things you think you could do to make your event a memorable one, you can also create a social media identity for your event that would leave a lasting impression in the virtual world when the event is over.

             Spot the hashtag on their picture

 Recently, a concept became trendy on social media and it's gaining popularity among social media users. It's called hashtagging. Hashtagging is an evolving concept which newlyweds use to create an identity of their events on social media. It's just a way to spice up and hype their very big day.

Spot the hashtag in the picture

 The concept of a hashtag is to make sure memories of your big day stay with you forever in a unique way and also to have pictures, short video clips which you, your friends or guests post on any social media platform to be well organized and categorized for easy access.

             Spot the hashtag on the cake.

 It brings attention to your content with that feeling of “this is our day” It could also allow you to find relevant contents from other people that could give profound insight to your event and the reception. You know, perspectives make a thing appear great. The hashtag allows you to connect with guests and engage other social media based on a common interest or theme.

Spot the hashtag on the prop.
Couples who want their prewedding and wedding pictures trend on social media can create a simple, and easy to remember hashtag. To make your guests remember your hashtag, make sure you keep it unique and short.

Are you thinking about how to create a wedding hashtag? You can use the first alphabet in your names. For instance, Dolapo and Abiodun, our December couple at Sally Events came up with #DAB2017. You can also use the surname of your soon to be husband. Ogaga and Tosin came up with the #Thejohnsons, Nkechi and Tony used #theetekas.

  To make your friends aware of your wedding hashtag, mention your hashtag in all prewedding and wedding pictures you post them on any social media platform. If you have a photo booth area at your wedding include your hashtag on it. Other visible places were guests will be able to spot them are; wedding programs, Table tags, Dance floor, screens, and stage.
Spot the hashtag on the dance floor

If your event is not a wedding, maybe it's a book launch, hotel opening, convention, conference, birthday or seminar; you can come up with something creative, unique and short.
Spot the hashtag on the wedding poster.

Make sure it represents your brand. Using hashtags will allow you to make a wide impression on social media audience and when the music is over, you can surf the Web and reminiscence that memorable scene

At Sally Events, we are unique because we add modern trend and ideas which will make your events a memorable one.
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