Thursday, 4 October 2018

Your Event Menue

Humans have and will always evolve that’s why we have trendy meals in events these days. Gone are the days you go to an event and the only menu is jollof rice and beef. Now we have varieties of trendy meals to choose from. Mind you there's no way you are taking away the most popular, most anticipated and most ancient menu (The almighty Nigerian Jollof Rice) away from the list no matter how evolved we are, jollof is here to stay in Nigeria.
Before i get carried away on the glorious jollof rice i am here to talk about trendy meals to pick for your event in which you know the number one on the list "Nigerian jollof"

Preparing a menu list for your events should be well addressed and it should also be in accordance to your type of event and the type of guests you are expecting.
So here are the lists of food menu Nigerians want to see in your event

Almighty Jollof Rice
Here i am again singing praises of this wonderful meal in Nigeria. God has blessed Nigeria with lots of things but this one cannot be rivaled.  Lots of people even day dream about party jollof so this should be well planned.
It can be served with vegetable salad or moimoi.
Fried rice,white rice or Nigerian native rice, ofada are other types of rice than can be included on your menu.
Get a very good vendor that can handle this part very well. Don't hesitate to go on a tasting spree so as to get the best jollof present in your event. This should always be the most surplus of the food list in your events because of the high level of demand for this great recipe. Just be sure to get it right and your event would be well spoken of.

Chinese Food
continental dishes are also appreciated by guests, the very popular one is the chinese food. Which includes; chines rice,beef,dishes,spaghetti with potato dish,duck dishe etc. Chinese food are  fast becoming a thing in Nigerian party menu list, though not many know how to consume them but they should be on your menu list not just to give variety but to also make your guests feel the greatness of this recipe.

Ewa Agoyin and Dodo
The rise to prominence of this local recipe we all take as food while we were young is quite alarming and this should also tell you how very fast humans are evolving. This protein filled recipe is made of beans that have been pressure cooked to be very soft and it tastes so good with dodo. No matter how classy your event is you will be surprised at how your guests will rush for this very recipe especially because of the dodo. Note: choose your vendor wisely for this particular menu.

Made of yam and has the colour of a jollof. I sometimes call this recipe jollof yam only when made by an expert though 'lol'. This jollof yam is also becoming a popular demand in parties and events so be sure to make this present in your menu plans.

Amala on the Spot.

This traditional dish is most loved by the Yoruba people. Even other cultures are have taken a likening to it. The way it is prepared,right at the venue,keeps it hot and appetizing. It is ually served in lovely deep plates with gbegiri and ewedu,and lots of meaty part.I am not a fan of eating amala at home,but once I spot this dish at any party I can't resist it.

Pounded Yam.
Pounded Yam traditionally called Iyan is also a popular swallow best served with efo riro or egusi.
Semo which is easier to prepare than pounded yam should also not be found wanting in your event.
Other swallows served at events varies on culture, fufu or starch is served by people from the East with white soups,afang soup, or edikang ikong. These foods are classic they bring that native feeling to your events and you see guests ordering for more when served.
This can quickly become catastrophic if not well made and requires a very patient and experienced caterer to handle. So if it takes hiring a police to monitor the vendors when making this recipe, do it "LOL". What I'm trying to say is monitor this process and hire a professional.

Finger foods
Finger foods are usually served before the main meal and after the main meal, examples of finger foods are chinchin, small chops,sun, chicken with chips, fish with chips, fried yam with sauce etc They can be called the Nigerian party dessert or appetizer.
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Sunday, 9 September 2018


Pic credit:africansweetheartweddings

For the many whose mothers are both physically and positively active in their lives, they would confess - having such mums is the best thing that has ever happened to them.
Pic credit: derockdigital

Mothers are natural planners; right from the conceptual stage in the womb, they start planning on how to give their children the best of life's experiences. Planning their first birthdays to celebrating milestones achieved, in their lives. It is no wonder why their planning skills seem to develop, over time.
Pic credit: sally events

For these and many more reasons, some adults are totally confident in their mothers planning skills and many times, hand over the planning of their big day to them. I have had meetings with the bride and grooms, where they said "Sally if my mum likes you, then you are good to go as our event planner..."
Pic credit: africansweetheartweddings

Cool mums pay great attention to every detail when planning their children’s wedding. They also know when to get professional help with creative ideas, too.

The main goal is to make sure the children are happy on their big day, and that nothing goes wrong to spoil a single moment for them.
Pic credit: prilix photos
The goal of planner mums aligns with that of Sally Events. Keeping clients happy and creating magical memories for each couple is our end game.

                   Pic credit: derockdigital

We find a unique meeting point with the ideas of the couple and their parents and thereafter, create a stress-free wedding for everyone involved, with the memories set to linger on for a long time.

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Sunday, 12 August 2018


Many clients are always curious to know why they have to spend extra cash on getting more hands when they obviously know that caterers will be bringing their waiters, the drinks vendor will bring their waiters also to serve drinks, so the ready-made question springs up in the mind, “why should I spend more money on getting ushers”

Picture from Miss

The answer to the above question will give you a proper insight and also satisfy your curiosity. Either you are having a private event with just a few numbers of guests or a large event with more guests on your list. You need ushers.

This is your event and those coming are your guests, taking care of everyone by yourself will spell unwanted worries and headache for you and you as the celebrant should not be found running around, worrying about who has not been taken care of. You should be having fun with your family and friends, you have had to spend lots of money on food and drinks, then it is also imperative that you spend a bit more to make sure all the goodies prepared for your guests get to them.
It will be disappointing to find out that some guests were offended and were not attended to properly.
This is why you need to hire the right hands, which will be your extra eyes and ears on your big day.

Welcoming and Sitting of Guests.
Ushers are the first point of contact; they warmly welcome your guests from the entrance of the venue and also take them to their assigned seats.

Ensuring every guest has been served.
Ushers are placed at strategic points at the venue to supervise the serving of food and drinks. They identify guests who have not been served, and also guests who came late and needs to be taken care of.

Easy To Reach
Unlike other vendors or waiters who are not always at the reach of guests, ushers are easy to access and are at the beck and call of guests. They are there to answer questions, direct guests to the convenience and go on quick errands within the venue of the event.

Personal Assistant
Ushers also act as personal assistant to the celebrant or bride and groom. As the celebrant, you may be on stage or with friends who you don't want to leave without company. An usher by your side helps you with things you may need for you and your guests.

Souvenir Distribution
This is usually a delicate matter at events. You need to hand them over to a trusted person. Some prefer to give family members this responsibility especially if the souvenirs are for a selected few. If the souvenir is for all the guests, It is better to hand them over to someone neutral who will share them without bias. This means all your guests will get their gift packs as long as there is an adequate number to go round.

Ushers are also good for security purposes, they are aware when a guest gets up from the table. Some guest asks them to keep an eye on their things while they quickly get up to dance or greet.

Event Coordination
A well-coordinated event is an event that has been thoroughly planned, with people hired to bring the event to execution from start to finish.
Because ushers are involved in every stage of the event it reduces any chance of mismanagement.

I hope I have been able to help you understand why you need ushers at your event. Make sure you only use the best hands. At Sally events, we are always available to serve. This is where you can get the best in event planning and event coordination in Nigeria.
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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Ushers at a burial reception in Lagos.

On the 22nd of June 2018, late Mrs Winifred was laid to rest by her family. Her burial reception took place at Ruby gardens,lekki express way Lagos.

We thank God for a life well lived.

Event planner: Sally Events
Event: Burial Reception of Mrs Winifred Omotayo Adeniji.
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Make it a Valentine Proposal.

February 14th is that time of the month where you celebrate your loved ones. It's a special day where you show some love to your partner this season because it's the world's day celebration of love.

If you don't have ideas on how to make some romantic stunts, we have many interesting ideas that your partner would appreciate. Few of them are;

*Take your partner to the cinema to see a nice movie.
*Take him or her on vacation. It doesn't have to be so expensive.
*Lodge in a comfortable atmosphere
*Go somewhere new, not the usual spot you meet.
* Exchange gifts and cards.

And for the responsible men who are planning to make their proposal this Valentine, we wish you courage and good luck!

If you got a yes for an answer, congratulations in advance.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018


 Beyond the Aso-Ebi, nice color ambiance, beautiful decorations, music and whatever things you think you could do to make your event a memorable one, you can also create a social media identity for your event that would leave a lasting impression in the virtual world when the event is over.

             Spot the hashtag on their picture

 Recently, a concept became trendy on social media and it's gaining popularity among social media users. It's called hashtagging. Hashtagging is an evolving concept which newlyweds use to create an identity of their events on social media. It's just a way to spice up and hype their very big day.

Spot the hashtag in the picture

 The concept of a hashtag is to make sure memories of your big day stay with you forever in a unique way and also to have pictures, short video clips which you, your friends or guests post on any social media platform to be well organized and categorized for easy access.

             Spot the hashtag on the cake.

 It brings attention to your content with that feeling of “this is our day” It could also allow you to find relevant contents from other people that could give profound insight to your event and the reception. You know, perspectives make a thing appear great. The hashtag allows you to connect with guests and engage other social media based on a common interest or theme.

Spot the hashtag on the prop.
Couples who want their prewedding and wedding pictures trend on social media can create a simple, and easy to remember hashtag. To make your guests remember your hashtag, make sure you keep it unique and short.

Are you thinking about how to create a wedding hashtag? You can use the first alphabet in your names. For instance, Dolapo and Abiodun, our December couple at Sally Events came up with #DAB2017. You can also use the surname of your soon to be husband. Ogaga and Tosin came up with the #Thejohnsons, Nkechi and Tony used #theetekas.

  To make your friends aware of your wedding hashtag, mention your hashtag in all prewedding and wedding pictures you post them on any social media platform. If you have a photo booth area at your wedding include your hashtag on it. Other visible places were guests will be able to spot them are; wedding programs, Table tags, Dance floor, screens, and stage.
Spot the hashtag on the dance floor

If your event is not a wedding, maybe it's a book launch, hotel opening, convention, conference, birthday or seminar; you can come up with something creative, unique and short.
Spot the hashtag on the wedding poster.

Make sure it represents your brand. Using hashtags will allow you to make a wide impression on social media audience and when the music is over, you can surf the Web and reminiscence that memorable scene

At Sally Events, we are unique because we add modern trend and ideas which will make your events a memorable one.
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Monday, 22 January 2018

Promacedor Increase Prize Money for the Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition

 The Cowbellpedia press conference is usually held at the beginning of each year to commensurate the order of the secondary school mathematics competition. The press conference for this year held at Sheraton Hotel ikeja,Lagos. On the 16th of January 2018.

As part of  Promacedor's initiatives to celebrate CowbellAndMaths at 20, they introduced the Cowbellpedia Compedium, a compilation of all questions ever asked on the Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz Show -

   If your school is not participating in this year's Cowbell competition, They may need to rethink. The award money has just been doubled. -  The MD announced that this year, the prize money for the 2018 Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz Show has been upwardly reviewed by both students and teachers.
The new prizes for the students in both categories are:
1st Place: N2 Million
2nd Place: N1.5 Million
3rd Place: N1 Million

While for the teachers, the new prizes are:
1st Place: N500,000
2nd Place: N400,000
3rd Place: N300,000

 Sally Ushers were there to cordinate and take care of guests.

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