Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Ushers at a burial reception in Lagos.

On the 22nd of June 2018, late Mrs Winifred was laid to rest by her family. Her burial reception took place at Ruby gardens,lekki express way Lagos.

We thank God for a life well lived.

Event planner: Sally Events
Event: Burial Reception of Mrs Winifred Omotayo Adeniji.
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Make it a Valentine Proposal.

February 14th is that time of the month where you celebrate your loved ones. It's a special day where you show some love to your partner this season because it's the world's day celebration of love.

If you don't have ideas on how to make some romantic stunts, we have many interesting ideas that your partner would appreciate. Few of them are;

*Take your partner to the cinema to see a nice movie.
*Take him or her on vacation. It doesn't have to be so expensive.
*Lodge in a comfortable atmosphere
*Go somewhere new, not the usual spot you meet.
* Exchange gifts and cards.

And for the responsible men who are planning to make their proposal this Valentine, we wish you courage and good luck!

If you got a yes for an answer, congratulations in advance.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018


 Beyond the Aso-Ebi, nice color ambiance, beautiful decorations, music and whatever things you think you could do to make your event a memorable one, you can also create a social media identity for your event that would leave a lasting impression in the virtual world when the event is over.

             Spot the hashtag on their picture

 Recently, a concept became trendy on social media and it's gaining popularity among social media users. It's called hashtagging. Hashtagging is an evolving concept which newlyweds use to create an identity of their events on social media. It's just a way to spice up and hype their very big day.

Spot the hashtag in the picture

 The concept of a hashtag is to make sure memories of your big day stay with you forever in a unique way and also to have pictures, short video clips which you, your friends or guests post on any social media platform to be well organized and categorized for easy access.

             Spot the hashtag on the cake.

 It brings attention to your content with that feeling of “this is our day” It could also allow you to find relevant contents from other people that could give profound insight to your event and the reception. You know, perspectives make a thing appear great. The hashtag allows you to connect with guests and engage other social media based on a common interest or theme.

Spot the hashtag on the prop.
Couples who want their prewedding and wedding pictures trend on social media can create a simple, and easy to remember hashtag. To make your guests remember your hashtag, make sure you keep it unique and short.

Are you thinking about how to create a wedding hashtag? You can use the first alphabet in your names. For instance, Dolapo and Abiodun, our December couple at Sally Events came up with #DAB2017. You can also use the surname of your soon to be husband. Ogaga and Tosin came up with the #Thejohnsons, Nkechi and Tony used #theetekas.

  To make your friends aware of your wedding hashtag, mention your hashtag in all prewedding and wedding pictures you post them on any social media platform. If you have a photo booth area at your wedding include your hashtag on it. Other visible places were guests will be able to spot them are; wedding programs, Table tags, Dance floor, screens, and stage.
Spot the hashtag on the dance floor

If your event is not a wedding, maybe it's a book launch, hotel opening, convention, conference, birthday or seminar; you can come up with something creative, unique and short.
Spot the hashtag on the wedding poster.

Make sure it represents your brand. Using hashtags will allow you to make a wide impression on social media audience and when the music is over, you can surf the Web and reminiscence that memorable scene

At Sally Events, we are unique because we add modern trend and ideas which will make your events a memorable one.
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Monday, 22 January 2018

Promacedor Increase Prize Money for the Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition

 The Cowbellpedia press conference is usually held at the beginning of each year to commensurate the order of the secondary school mathematics competition. The press conference for this year held at Sheraton Hotel ikeja,Lagos. On the 16th of January 2018.

As part of  Promacedor's initiatives to celebrate CowbellAndMaths at 20, they introduced the Cowbellpedia Compedium, a compilation of all questions ever asked on the Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz Show -

   If your school is not participating in this year's Cowbell competition, They may need to rethink. The award money has just been doubled. -  The MD announced that this year, the prize money for the 2018 Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz Show has been upwardly reviewed by both students and teachers.
The new prizes for the students in both categories are:
1st Place: N2 Million
2nd Place: N1.5 Million
3rd Place: N1 Million

While for the teachers, the new prizes are:
1st Place: N500,000
2nd Place: N400,000
3rd Place: N300,000

 Sally Ushers were there to cordinate and take care of guests.

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Friday, 19 January 2018

THE Ogunleye's Wedding

“I am confident about your event planning services and I would like to hire you as my event planner” This was the statement that was echoed in my ears some months back by a potential client. I was as excited as she was about her big day and the plans were rolled out immediately.

Getting married and preparing for your big day needs a great deal of time and planning. Some brides and grooms decide to take matters into their own hands and for the record, some of them have recorded a considerable amount of success while some have been plagued with a negative feedback and that's because there is little or nothing they know about the intricacies of planning their event. 

some think they can handle the planning on their own since they have attended several weddings. But what they really see at the wedding are the end product of a good or bad planning. It's your big day, why go through all the stress of planning it yourself?

 Our Client was smart and knew what she wanted without a pinch of a flaw in her mind, she didn’t want any issues coming up. She needed an event planning company with the competence and the track record of a success to take care of her wedding.

 Her detailed description at every point was a motivation and it also helped when we needed to make big decisions. She said “Sally this is my big day and I trust that your judgment will be the best since you have handled not just one but several events with great success stories”

The level of confidence she had in the output of my services made me go all out to make sure the event went without a hitch.

The bride and groom first met on a raining day. according to their account of how they first met, it was as if God used the rain to bring them together. Dolapo was on her way out one morning when a heavy downpours lead her to keep dry under the shade of Abiodun's house. like a gentleman that Abiodun is, he made sure to save a lady in distress by getting her in and making her comfortable. So it was no surprise that on their wedding day. God approved of their union through light showers of blessing. it was no hindrance at all. As guests arrived and celebrated with the couple.

Sally Events is your one-stop company for your event consultancy and coordination. Be a smart bride like Dolapo call us for your events today.
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Monday, 8 January 2018

The Johnson's Wedding.

 The story of our clients before and after their event is what gives us that pragmatic feeling of fulfilment and we have made it a priority to make sure they always have to be on that side of 'wow your services are amazing'

Which brings me to the story of one of our clients 'The Johnsons'.

This beautiful couple don't live in Nigeria, they wanted an atmosphere that will project class and profound effect of a winter touch to give a refreshing wedding reception to the guests.

The bride 'Ogaga' when she came to Nigeria for her introduction early last year ,described in clear details how she wanted her wedding. She didn't want to have any issues with vendors or relate with them herself. From the venue hunt to party vendors we made all available to the couple

 We gathered all information needed to bring the event alive, also we made sure the couple had nothing to worry about and our best appreciation goes to the couple for being very specific with their want and needs.

The couple came into Nigeria a  few days to their wedding,They reunited with their families and had time to relax  with their friends

The beautiful day started with slight showers of rain which came a little as a surprise but it came as a blessing.
All ushers and vendors were in place to give the event a colourful feeling with no reason to panic for the couple.
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Monday, 1 January 2018

The Ushers Orbit End of The Year Recognition Award

The Ushers Orbit presents its maiden edition of the 2016/2017 End of Year Recognition Award to encourage Ushers and Ushering Agencies and Stakeholders who have served as inspiration and encouragement in the Ushering industry.  Categories for Nominations are classified into three groups.
 Group 1, is THE USHERS ONLY NOMINATION classified into 1. Best Ushering Agency 2. Next Top Rated Ushering Agency 3. Next Rated Ushering Agency 4. Most Enterprising Usher.

This group of nominations is to be done by ushers only
Ushers in Nigeria, this is your opportunity to show appreciation to those agencies that treated you with utmost professionalism in 2016/2017... These are the agencies that paid attention to your financial, physical, emotional and social well being, they always provided the right tools and gears for working without asking you to pay for it and they pay you a salary which is commensurate to the work duration. The agencies must be a corporate body duly registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.
Ushers in Nigeria, in this group, you can also nominate the most enterprising usher of the year... this is that usher of noble character who has been able to develop a viable bussiness through ushering / modelling money  ( not through runs or sugar daddy's sponsorship).
Please ensure you click on the link in the bio of @theushersorbit, read the requirements for each category and nominate the right people for each category.

ORGANISERS NOMINATION which includes 1. Most Dedicated and Professional Usher and  2. Best Academic Grades Nomination.  Group 3... BOTH USHER AND USHERING INDUSTRY NOMINATIONS which include 1. Ushering Industry Friendly Celebrity 2. Corporate Brand/Client of the year. 
 Ushering Agencies and Event Organisers, this group is for you! It's time to recognise and appreciate your staff. .
Who is that usher who you can always count on to be proffessional at all times, even in your absence? That usher who is most teachable, eager to learn and always willing to attend trainings to improve himself/ herself.... Please nominate that person for Most dedicated and proffessional usher of the year.
Also, do you have a staff (usher) who has maintained an academic path, remained focused and has excelled in his/her academics? If the answer is yes, ... Please nominate him/her for the usher with the beat academic grade.
Let us appreciate and promote ushers with virtues worth emulating
Kindly visit @theushersorbit click on the link in the bio, read the requirements for each nomination carefully and nominate the right usher for each category.