Friday, 19 January 2018

THE Ogunleye's Wedding

“I am confident about your event planning services and I would like to hire you as my event planner” This was the statement that was echoed in my ears some months back by a potential client. I was as excited as she was about her big day and the plans were rolled out immediately.

Getting married and preparing for your big day needs a great deal of time and planning. Some brides and grooms decide to take matters into their own hands and for the record, some of them have recorded a considerable amount of success while some have been plagued with a negative feedback and that's because there is little or nothing they know about the intricacies of planning their event. 

some think they can handle the planning on their own since they have attended several weddings. But what they really see at the wedding are the end product of a good or bad planning. It's your big day, why go through all the stress of planning it yourself?

 Our Client was smart and knew what she wanted without a pinch of a flaw in her mind, she didn’t want any issues coming up. She needed an event planning company with the competence and the track record of a success to take care of her wedding.

 Her detailed description at every point was a motivation and it also helped when we needed to make big decisions. She said “Sally this is my big day and I trust that your judgment will be the best since you have handled not just one but several events with great success stories”

The level of confidence she had in the output of my services made me go all out to make sure the event went without a hitch.

The bride and groom first met on a raining day. according to their account of how they first met, it was as if God used the rain to bring them together. Dolapo was on her way out one morning when a heavy downpours lead her to keep dry under the shade of Abiodun's house. like a gentleman that Abiodun is, he made sure to save a lady in distress by getting her in and making her comfortable. So it was no surprise that on their wedding day. God approved of their union through light showers of blessing. it was no hindrance at all. As guests arrived and celebrated with the couple.

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