Monday, 19 June 2017


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I Am  often curious  of what goes on in the minds of people when planning for their event.

Generally there is a mental priority list made by Individuals and it is usually in this order;
Venue for the event, food & drinks,decoration, entertainment (Music Band/ DJ/ Music Artist)
 Master of Ceremonies,Visuals,Security and lastly ushers.
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I write to correct this  arrangement. I am of the same mind with the venue of the event  being first place on the scale of preference but for people who's satisfaction of their guests is what is important, the ushers or event hostesses who will be in direct contact with  guests is what they should look out for.
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Carefully search for an event planning or ushering agency who you can entrust your guests with. Most times i get called by clients a day before the event to organize a team of ushers.

Outfits and other arrangements are made hurriedly. We always end up succeeding at such events and even exceeding the expectations of our clients. An example of this is an event which took place on the 20th of June 2017 at 10 Degrees Event Center Lagos.

I got a call from the Client on Saturday requesting for thirty ushers for an event the next day. Others may have seen this as an impossible task to accomplish, But i saw it as an exciting quest. All the dresses for the  ushers were made on the day of the call. 

On Suday, by 8am all the ushers were at the venue  ready  to welcome and attend to guests.
I am of the opinion that if arrangements are made early, there will be flexibility in decision making.

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