Monday, 24 April 2017


It is usually believed that shy guys are the most romantic partners. This is true of Tosin, Ogaga's fiance who I never met until the day of the proposal. All communications and preparation was done online.
Tosin was going to ask Ogaga to be the queen of His heart. It was indeed a big deal for Him. Everything had to be perfect. He trusted Sally Events to make the magical moment happen.

 It was  truly a surprise in every sense of the word for Ogaga,Tosin's bride to be. A leader of  Yield Leadership Initiative a non governmental organization. She had to come early to the venue for her book launch which was taking place at Capital square on the 14th  April 2017.

 But for the help of her friends who intentionally delayed her from getting to the venue the proposal surprise would have been revealed.
 An unsuspecting Gaga walked into Capital Square by 9 am. The music 'I can be your Hero by Enrique Iglesias filled the air.
She still remained clueless as to what was happening until she saw her  prince charming holding a bunch of balloons. Bright light from scented candles illuminated the room. A neatly arranged shape of love with the best flowers that depicts love;roses. was done  to give the room a romantic effect.
While trying to gather her thoughts, Tosin signaled for the voice notes he made specially for Ogaga to be played. Recorded in the notes where passionate and heartfelt words about his Bride to be.
 It was indeed a joyous moment for the couple.
We are happy to have made that day a special one for the Jonhsons.
 We wish them God's blessing all through their wedding preparations.

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