Wednesday, 5 April 2017


  Every lady has imagined this day in her life numerous times. How she wants it to happen, where she wants it to happen, and to whom she will be walking down the aisle to meet.

 For Jane our client, she had it all planned out years before she even met the special person. She knew what the theme of her wedding will be, the colors, her train,the number of steps her cake will be made in, her dresses and that special place where the joining with the love of her life would take place.   
  On the 19th of March 2017 Jane tied the knot with her prince charming at Jhalobia gardens. Under the blue skies, where   the flowers and trees   were   witnesses. The soft green grasses swallowed every foot falls and birds chirped to the tune of the song ‘here comes the bride’.
It was a beautiful sight to behold, and nothing brings you nearer to nature than this. With the scorching heat that comes with the season, the trees danced to the tune of the wind and brought pleasure and shade to every guest.

 Having a garden wedding can be quite challenging, but at Sally Events the end result is what matters.A section of the garden was demarcated for the joining service, while other sections were decorated for the wedding reception. One will think that since the garden is already beautiful, not much decoration will be needed. This is usually not the case; whenever you are planning a garden event, make sure you use a very creative decorator. 
On entering the venue for inspection the groom was all smiles he came to me and said Sally this looks like the weddings in the movies, you did a great job’ with excitement he gave me a warm handshake of approval. What keeps us going at Sally Events is the joy, excitement and satisfaction on our clients faces after every event

Sally ushers took absolute care of every attendee at the wedding, one attribute that makes Sally ushers shine bright is the ability to keep their smiles on after a tiresome day’s work.


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