Monday, 30 January 2017


Saying the truth, saves you lots of stress and allows you, win your clients’ trust. Believe me when I say that trust is the most important trait in this business. A lot of people do think of truth to be hurtful, or that it usually sounds unpleasant in some situations. Be that as it may, it is better to speak the truth than for you to be discovered at a later date, to have told a lie which may invariably cause you to start spitting apologetic lines. With the truth comes peace of mind, maybe not particularly at the moment, but it always comes.

 I have had several unpleasant experiences with some event vendors. And as an Event Planner, I appreciate vendors who are straight forward and deliver their services as promised. If you don’t have something, do not say you have it. Integrity comes from being known as a truthful person. Dishonest attitude could land you in big trouble when things go wrong, as sometimes they go.
Lying is such a distasteful act! While planning an event recently, I called for a vendors’ meeting; such one where proposed vendors who will be rendering services at the event proper, would meet. There was this particular vendor who we were all expecting. I called him at first, to know where he was...He responded saying he was on his way. An hour later, I called again, to which he responded saying he was walking down the street of the meet .We waited for over 3 hours and this vendor did not show up. It got to a point that he started ignoring my calls. I proceeded to conclude the meeting without him and we all left. Thirty minutes after the meeting had ended, he started calling my number.  I decided not to pick his calls.
 He was by far ,one of my best vendors. He is a a professional and does deliver well on jobs, but this particular incident changed my perception of him. I would rather have to work with one who speaks the truth and is always punctual than another who entangles him or herself with lies, to cover their tracks.

 Let’s be better people and speak the truth always, however the circumstances. Doing so saves you from unwanted drama. If you have not left your house, don’t say you are almost there. This particular lie is prevalent in our time....You may just be saving yourself from the dirty hands of embarrassment. Let’s stop being selfish; admit to your lapses and don’t look for ways to cover them. If you have lots of jobs on ground, that should keep you busy for a period of time, having full knowledge of the lapses to be created (inability to meet up with deadlines etc.) as a result of you accepting new ones, please say and if it is convenient for the client, he or she would also say. If you don’t have cash to pay for a service rendered, why lie to the person that you will make a transfer to his bank account at a given time?

You will be appreciated more, if you come out clean to speak the truth.
At Sally Events, honesty is our watch-word.
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