Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Spoons, Knives and forks are not looked upon as important when planning most events. As obscure as cutlery may seem, these are eating tools that your guests will need to enjoy the various dishes served.
It is usually embarrassing when you serve your guests and it takes another ten minutes to get cutlery. This is why before the guests are seated cutlery should already be in place.
Decoration by Bloom Designs.
Some Caterers take extra care to do this, while others don’t see why they have to waste time wrapping cutlery in pretty napkins when they can just place it on the plate after serving the meal. Never forget presentation is everything!  If you cook delicious meals that are not well presented, then it loses its attractiveness. Poor presentation of anything is bad for business.

Picture from Tasty eating blogspot.com
No matter how heavily decorated the hall was, or that expensive cake that made a statement, or the cool music being played, if something goes wrong with the food presentation your guests may forget all the other good points of your event.
Picture from www.easyweddings.com
 The Stomach infrastructure is that aspect which must not be wronged. This is why you need an event planner that pays attention to all details and is strict in the supervision of your vendors.
Sally ushers at Olayemi& Oluwaseun's wedding
 At Sally Events we are an event planning team you can trust. We strive to blot out anything that will be a cause of embarrassment during your event.
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