Wednesday, 28 September 2016


 Even in the most difficult of times, humans are fashioned to want to have a sense of normalcy. If you are in Nigeria at the moment, you would agree with the term 'recession' which is being used to describe the Country's  economic situation. 

 Prices of basic needs have skyrocketed. Thousands of hardworking Nigerians who have spent many years working in various organisations have been called off. 

  Despite all these hardship, love still happens, friends become lovers, lovers become partners, wedding dates are picked, new families are made, people celebrate their loved ones. The Love which Humans have for each other is what keeps them going during difficult times. 

This is  what gives us hope at Sally Events. There will still be weddings to be planned, birthday parties to be organised, business and award dinners that needs the capable hands of an event planner, as long as there is life there is always something to be celebrated.

At Sally Events we  are glad to be of assistance. Let's help you plan your events. How do you want your event to turnout? What is your Budget? Do you want a moderate or a big event? Do you want to make your event  strictly by invitation.
Whatever is on Your wish list,let Sally Events make it a reality. Contact us for your event planning and ushering services  on 08134015365, Email: