Thursday, 11 August 2016


When planning an event, one must put into consideration the number of guest invited and make adequate plans to make sure the guests are adequately catered for; from sitting arrangements down to the service points for food and drinks, including other extra details. Its best to usually plan ahead of events by having on standby, more than it is ordinarily needed other than having to find yourself in a situation of shortages. A suitable situation illustration would be in a case  where an estimate of  500 guests are being expected. From experience, I’d advice that a provision for at least 700 people be made. It’s most times safer this way.

In other news, the wedding of  Modupe and Oladapo took place at the Naptin event centre on Adelabu street in the popular Surulere area of Lagos state. On the morning of August 6, 2016, Sally ushers as usual, were early at arriving at the venue, getting things ready at the reception while the marriage vows where being exchanged at the Chapel of the Healing Cross. It is mostly at crucial moments when all your attention is needed at some other equally important places that you need reliable hands like Sally ushers to take care of your guest in your absence.

Decoration by Mr Jayperfect
The beautiful Sally ushers where on ground to welcome guests who arrived at the reception and afterwards directed them to their seats as allocated to various families and groups. The Event planner, Mr Jaye Perfect, who was also in charge of decoration, transformed the hall into a picturesque atmosphere. Ernest Apari also know as Mc Apari  was also on spot with his comical lines as guests couldn’t help but laugh  profusely, Savouring every moment that passed. The Caterer, “Friendly Foods” where also on hand to serve special dishes and small chops after the main menu.
Decoration by Mr Jayperfect

Sally with Mc Apari

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