Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ushers Stop! That's Wrong!


  • ·    It's a bad manner to tap or touch someone in order to get their attention as some people get irritated when tapped on the shoulders or other parts of their body. Moving close to the person and having to maintain eye contact with your guest(s) does it all.
  • ·        It’s bad manners when the other person needs to get an umbrella or use their hands to shield their face from the rain of spit pouring down from your mouth, when you are talking. Before you get near any guest you want to communicate with, take a moment to get yourself together, swallow your spit if it comes in generous quantities anytime you open your mouth before speaking to a guest.
  • ·        It’s bad manners to ask for tips from guests, because you think you have served them well. You are paid to take care of them already.
  • ·        It’s bad manners to sit down with guests and eat on the same table with them while the event is yet ongoing. You will get to eat later so wait until it is okay to do so.
  • ·        Its bad manners to drag your foot while walking. There are other ways to get people to notice you without getting insults from them.

·        It’s bad manners to lobby for items being distributed at an event (food, souvenir, drinks). If it pleases your client, you'll get any item. Don't taint your reputation.
  • ·        It’s bad manners when you abandon professional duties and responsibilities as an usher to start dancing and singing along to whatever music being played, even if it is your favorite. They already should have gotten entertainers and you are certainly not one of them; be cool, calm and collected.
  • ·        It’s bad manners when you see known faces or old friends and you sit with them to catch up or discuss issues. Be conscious of your professional duties at all times.
  • ·        It’s bad manners to pick your nose and continue attending to guests or shake hands like nothing ever happened. Someone, somehow might notice. Do not do this publicly and if you must do, proceed to giving your hand a wash, immediately.

  • ·        It’s bad manners when you keep taking excuses to go and check your phone or to pick a call. No call should cause you to abandon your professional duties and conducts.
  • ·        It’s bad manners to stare at guests inappropriately as your face expression might cause them to be uncomfortable. Whatever thoughts that might arise in your head after seeing something ridiculous, should be hidden with a neutral expression and safely tucked in your diary for a laugh later.
  • ·        It’s bad manners to pick up a fight or an argument with a guest. You also must not postpone verbal wars for after- event. Always try to be courteous and professional, apologize and end every iota of squabbles right on the spot. You'll be glad you did.

·        In conclusion, Sally says "put on your best behaviours during events." Don’t be hypocritical; act nicely and politely at all times.

Cheers...                                                                                             LADY SALLY.