Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Having reliable and dependable siblings can come as a plus,especially when it comes to planning  big events and it sure did for Fikejimi and Dominic. These available siblings made sure to play a big role in making their wedding a spectacular one.
  The Siblings jointly own an event planning outfit called "Street- pass"in an highbrow area of Lagos. From the positioning of the table tags to the sitting arrangements, and to decorations, bar and  catering services, guests were utterly impressed.
The wedding was a  huge success but of course, not without the help of Sally ushers. We were informed and contracted by the event planner ,Aunty Moji a few days before the wedding. We dispelled her doubts as to the outcome of the event, that probably must have arose as a result of her unforeseen inability  to have informed us well ahead of schedule.
  On the18th of June 2016, the wedding took place at Anglican Church of the Ascension. Omodara Street, Opebi,ikeja Lagos.

The Happy Bride and Groom dancing into their reception

We blended  as usual into the event and gave guest no inkling as to our short- timed preparations. the guest were wowed and at the end,and couldn't help but appreciate the work done on ground, with glowing compliments about Sally ushers. The excerpt below tells the exact words  of the event planner immediately after the wedding;
"I really appreciate your good work and I  commend  you ladies due to the fantastic job I saw you do, the time frame notwithstanding.  I'm really impressed and would definitely be working with you again".

Beautifully warped Eru Iyawo

 Do you need ushers for your events? Smart ladies who will get things done as accurately as proposed?  Call us today at Sally Ushers and allow us create a long lasting impression on you. We did for the likes of Aunty Moji and other  clients.
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