Thursday, 7 July 2016


Would you ever consider taking up an ushering job for free? Every year, questions such as "Why do you want to be an usher for events?" are put forward to young and aspiring ladies during ushering job interviews... Answers usually would range from "I love ushering because I love being hospitable" to "I love coordinating and taking care of people." An applicant once said "I love going to new places and meeting new people." Truthfully, an event usher can take you places you have never been, not forgetting free access to shows where tickets are ordinarily bought for attendance. You also get to have a close view, most especially if you get to coordinate in front or very close to the stage. Some are also lucky to be back stage with famous people, having the rare privilege of taking pictures with them.
With Weird MC at a COSON Event
Can all the fun associated with ushering at events make you do it for free? If your answer is yes, then you are that special one we are looking for on the Sallyushers crew.
When you are locked with your passion, you find it easy to blend and carry out worthy acts with enough vigour. Why not start the process of turning your hobby into a lifestyle by first offering to do it for free? Do you like sensible talking? You can be a radio presenter or TV presenter. You could start by volunteering as an OAP assistant at a radio or television station and garner enough experience to take you to the top. Many ace and veteran broadcasters of today, started in like fashion. Do you make people laugh? Why not start off doing comedy or mastering ceremonies for free? Are you good at drawing? Sketch for free, something creative for an individual or company. Are you good at playing with musical notes and still waiting for the right offer? Or is yours singing? Event planning? Whatever it is that you excel in, announce yourself by offering for free and watch yourself blossom with dedication and hardwork. Many are successful today cos they found out early, the several secrets of being successful. Seek for opportunities where you can practice your skills.
With Koffi At A COSON Event.

The free jobs you do will help you garner experiences. Don't just sit at home complaining about the country's deteriorating economy. Get to work. Start creating your own brand by doing that job for free and you won't have to wait for much longer.
                                                                                     ~LADY SALLY.