Tuesday, 5 July 2016


It is advisable not to leave home on an empty stomach when going to work or an occasion. Taking breakfast means starting the day on the right foot as it is an energy boost. ‘Food is fuel for the body, so eating a nutritious breakfast means you will have enough energy to burn, keeping you active  and productive until lunch rolls around’-Natural living ideas. For those of us who are not in the category of the early eaters, having some food packed along will do no harm.

 Eat Before going to that party!
When going for a party, it is generally believed that you don’t have to eat anything when leaving home. Of course there will be lots of food to whet your appetite there. I have long done away with this notion after some bad experiences. With all the anticipation of looking all glam for an event, much energy is put into looking your best, then on getting to the much prepared for wedding. You realize hunger pangs from your belly while witnessing the union between the Bride and the Groom, you tell yourself it’s too early to be hungry, but the other person sitting next to you hears the rumble of your stomach and smiles at you in an understanding way telling you the reception would soon begin. That would be quite embarrassing.
Now at the reception the usual wait for all to be settled begins. The aroma of various continental dishes hit your nostrils, and you begin to wonder when the waiters will start serving. As a popular saying goes ‘A hungry man is an angry man’.  You unconsciously begin to blame everyone that comes to your sight. You somehow notice the Waiters, how they move so sluggishly. The carters: why they have to attend to others while your request is still on hold. The Drink Guys to top it all off seems to be avoiding your table. Finally your order arrives and it’s just served in some very little quantity, so you pull the waiter and ask for another plate of food ever before you begin eating at all. When satisfied you start wondering why the handsome guys on the other table didn’t even look your way, despite all your efforts in looking your best.  Sorry dear, you just got carried away in satisfying your appetite that you forgot you had a reputation to protect. If you had just kept some snacks in your bag, or eaten light before you left for the venue this entire catastrophe wouldn’t have happened at all.

Ushers avoid starving

   Ushers should also take this advice and get prepared for a job, by eating well before coming. Unlike the guests, the situation with the usher who doesn’t eat before coming to work is worse. You know it is only on few occasions that you meet people who will ask if you have eaten before the event, they called you there to work. The event planners have other things to worry about than a hungry usher. An event can start by 1 pm and ushers don’t get to eat until 6pm or even later. That means you are on high-heels, attending to people while your strength is draining of you. Even your smiles starts to look like a frown when the stomach soldiers begin their riot and your  pleasant attitude begins to turn sour. A worse scenario is when you end up fainting right in front of the entire guests. The bride and groom may not find it easy forgiving you for turning their day of joy into a chaotic one, just because you didn’t do one important thing.  Eating before leaving home.
                                                                                       LADY SALLY