Friday, 1 July 2016

Getting Your Pose Right As An Usher

Ushering is not as easy and simple as people think it is. Ushers stand for long hours on high –heels. It is common knowledge that while every other person in a hall is seated, ushers remain standing. This is why it is of great importance that as an usher you must be conscious of your posture. Ushers are expected to depict lady-like characters, your carriage says a lot about who you are.
 Good posture implies strength, discipline, intelligence and self-confidence while a bad posture implies otherwise. Habits of good posture often require conscious efforts. As an usher you must train your body to get used to a healthy and alert posture. Avoid slouching or leaning on a wall, table or chair. If you get tired you can exercise your limbs by walking around the area where you are given to take care of.

According to The end result of a good posture should look like a straight line from head to foot.  Avoid having your head just forward, your shoulders slumping and your back rolling forward.

Parts of the Body to work on
HEAD: Pretend there is a wire attached to the top of your head. Feel it pull your head upwards until it is aligned with your spine. Your chin should be raised up and your head should be in a vertical line.
SHOULDERS: Pull your shoulders back until they are tight, and then relax until you’re comfortable.
SPINE: Your spine should be erect. Your back should be straightened up not bent.
BELLY: Tighten up your belly
When standing your ears, shoulders, hips and ankles should all be in a vertical line. Set your feet to hip-width apart with toes pointed forward. Your knees should be straight, but not locked. The spine should be erect with the shoulders pulled back and then down. Often raising your chin up will help fix standing postural issues.
 Having the right posture as an usher makes you look more attractive. You will be taken seriously and respected. Even when you don’t have the opportunity to tell people who you are, your body language (good posture) is already doing the talking.
                                                                                             LADY SALLY.