Sunday, 19 June 2016

Why Choose Sally Ushers As An Event Planner?

Are you an event planner?
You have chosen the right post which will ultimately benefit you greatly. Widely known is the fact that "Event-Planners"  go through enormous stress when planning an event; they make sure all contracted vendors deliver quality and on time. In the process, they ensure there are very little or no mistakes and most importantly, meeting the client's objectives. In reality, that's way too much workload for just one person and that's where we could also be of massive help in actualizing said targets and aims.
Why choose Sally-Ushers as an event planner?
*With Sally-ushers at your side during an event, your burden is half shared.

*Our ushers are trained to surmount any mountain of challenges that may occur, with bright smiles and gentle approaches towards ensuring that guests are giving a sweet treat.

*They have been trained to access in a jiffy, guests personality and following up with responses that portray politeness and respect.

*As the event planner, you will have so many issues to contend with, and worrying about ushers is certainly the last thing you would want to deal with. Sally ushers' provide coordinators for each event. One coordinator for 1- 15 ushers, 2 coordinators for 1- 25 ushers and many more, as the number of ushers on request, increases.

*Event planners don't like ushers who fault on contracts. At Sally-ushers, we respect every word on agreements with clients till the last.