Sunday, 26 June 2016

We are Ushers Not Prostitutes

 Prostitutes are easily recognized anywhere they are. Their mode of dressing, suggestive behaviors and, most times, usage of seductive words are some of their traits. People often mistake ushers for prostitutes.They, unfortunately,  look down on ushers as cheap ladies craving for male attention. An example of such is an event where an insecure female guest walked in with her male friend. As expected of a sally usher, Ngozi ,the usher at the entrance, welcomed both guests in a friendly manner. The female guest looked at her in a way that suggested that she felt threatened.

    At Sally Ushers we are simply ushers not prostitutes. Our  being friendly with Guests is borne out of trying to make them feel welcomed and at ease in their new environment. We dress decently and have no intention of being intimate with our guests. We do not use words that are suggestive when communicating with our guests.We politely decline any form of unseemly requests by any guest. We have been trained not to allow ourselves be star-struck or carried away by the affluence of people around us.

 What Sally Ushers Are Not

  • We are not call girls
  • We are not runs girls
  • We arenot thieves
  • We don't exchange phone numbers with guests
  •  We don't follow guests home after an event
  • We are contented with our pay and  do not wish to get more money through prostitution.
  • We do not encourage male guests to filrt with us.

Who  We Are At Sally Ushers
  •   We are decent ladies
  •  We are godly ladies
  • We are educated ladies
  • We are friendly ladies
  • We operate under the ethic code of being friendly but not familiar.
If you call us for your events be rest assured that there will be no negative reports about our ushers.